Just Write

Finalist in the 'Write Along 2018' competition

At the end of the day, if you’re extremely frustrated
Or if you’re really creative, but your talent is not yet activated
If you want to be free, to explore, but you can’t see any path nor light
The secret to all your fears, your doubts, is ultimately just write!
But why do we write—so many of you come to ask?
The answer is so simple, and so simple is your task:
Imagine simply imagination—and with it—infinite control and power!
(This amazing strength can calm me down, often at the darkest hour
Imagining also gives me time to release, to cast off my many frustrations
It comes with time to think, letting my mind embark on contemplations)
To write all you must do is write, ‘til it becomes and feels plainly ‘you’
Keep writing ‘til it’s your daily exercise, and all your dreams ‘tis true
Just imagine all the work put in, for you to write with pen or pencil—
Many will agree, I guarantee, there is no better utensil!
Please do note a ruler and eraser are often required,
And my hope, my dream, is that by this poem you will feel inspired!



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