Happiest Day Of My Life

Excellence Award in the 'Write-Along 2018' competition

I live in an apartment block. I think there are one hundred units altogether. In the middle there is a large area to play in called the Courtyard. It’s funny though, there are never any kids there, just adults.

A few months ago I went to the Courtyard to kick my soccer ball. After five minutes I was getting soooo bored. I thought to myself, it’s such a large place but where are all the kids? It would be so cool to kick the ball around with another kid.

I picked up my ball and started to walk back home. Just as I opened the door to leave I heard a little voice.
“Hi, what are you doing?”
I turned to see a boy in shorts and a t-shirt with curly blonde hair.

He had a really big smile, which made me smile.
“I am playing soccer,” I said.
“I love soccer. Can I play with you?” he said.
“For sure! What’s your name?” I said.
“My name is Isaac,” he said.

This was the happiest day of my life. My very own friend, right here in the block. That afternoon we played until it got really dark.
I said to Isaac, “Do you want to meet up after school tomorrow?”
“Yeah” said Isaac.

I went home to see mum and dad, busting to tell them all about my new friend Isaac. It’s funny, Isaac is my age and loves all the things I love and he lives right here in the same block, I am so lucky!

I catch up with Isaac every week now and he has become a really good friend.


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