Moon Deity

Finalist in the 'Write Along 2018' competition

When the earth holds its breath and the world is quite still,
At the height of my powers, I rise in the chill.
I climb to the heavens and hold my head high,
I’m the brightest of beacons in midnight’s dark sky.
The infinite galaxies fashion my throne,
The celestial rainbow is mine all alone.
I’m the sovereign commanding the wild savage sea,
The tides and the currents are harnessed by me.
I dance through my kingdom of stars with elation,
Arranging their twinkling in each constellation.
My mist flows down gently then kisses the earth,
Casting ribbons of moonlight descending with mirth.
I lurk behind clouds as night's waiting to fall,
I then evanesce until darkness does fall.
Then freed from the light of each day's blinding chain
I'll rule the vast cosmos all over again.


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