When you get needles it hurts, but only sometimes. This was the day I went to get my needles, I turned up to the doctors in a red hot Lamborghini. The doctors heard the Lamborghini and all ran away and hid. I walked in the door and the doctors were all hiding behind the counter and under the lounges. I said, “It’s ok, that was only my Lamborghini.” They all hopped up and I did a fake ‘BROOM’, they all fell down again. I started laughing and they started laughing too.
I went up to the counter and signed in, then I went into the room where I was going to get my needles. The man was really nice and he let me give him the biggest needle in the world. I dug it into his arm. He started crying and I was laughing. Now it was my turn. I sat up into the chair and took deep breaths. The man gave me a glass of water with a biscuit. I guzzled the water down and crunched up the biscuit in my mouth (PS. the biscuit tasted like poop).
He gave me a kick in the leg, so I kicked him back and said, “Hey what was that for?” He started crying again. So I said, “Stop sulking and hurry up and give me the needle.” He jabbed the needle into my arm. I jumped in the air and started crying. The needle was stuck in my arm. The doctor got some tweezers and pulled out the needle. I jumped again and kicked him, “THAT HURT YOU KNOW!” The doctor said I know, that was the whole point of it.” So, I kicked him in the leg again and ran out to get another doctor. I screamed, “GET ME ANOTHER DOCTOR!” They all said, “Ok we will get you another doctor.” I said, “Ok thank you. That other one was killing me. He was so annoying, I started crying 3 or 4 times. But he was also a bit of a psycho too.” All the doctors said, “Ok here you go. You can have this doctor.” The new doctor looked really nice and gave me a lollipop before I got my needle. We went into the room and I sat up onto the bed and the doctor got the needle ready. I looked at the ground with big tears coming out of my eyes, the doctor came over with the needle and rubbed my arm a little bit. He picked up a bit of my skin and stuck the needle into my skin. I jumped a little bit but did not cry. The needle came out and the doctor rubbed my arm then put a bandage on it. He patted me on the back and said, “Great job,” then he gave me another lollipop. I said, “Thank you.” And he said, “No problem.” I hopped out of the chair and went to my car.