The sun was setting, I knew it was getting late. I looked
at my watch even though I know it is not working, even though I know I’m about to fade. I was hoping to serve my country with honour and pride, I was hoping my death would be a lot later in life. I try moving, but all my energy is gone, I can’t hold my tears anymore. I think to myself I will be in the peaceful world very soon, the world my father is waiting in, waiting for me. I remember the times... the good times... the times when I was with my beloved sister and mother. But now it is time to leave, leave this world forever. My chest is pounding, my heart is thumping, I see the light, I’m moving closer... and closer... and closer... I can see my father, he is waving, smiling… smiling and waving. I can see a face that I have missed... A face I almost forgot.


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