Fairy Tale Land

“DODGEBALL!” That was the gym teacher starting a dodgeball war. Why? I don’t know.
Oh no! There’s Stephanie looking furious and lucky for me she has the ball. She has me cornered, she is about to throw the ball, but I duck just in time. I thought that I was so dead then.
The ball bounces off the wall and Stephanie try to run, but the ball hits her in the back. I got so lucky then, and Stephanie got out first. HA HA! “Hey Tanner, eat this!” I turn around and see a ball coming at me at 100 miles an hour, I try to duck but I’m too late and I get hit in the face with a dodgeball.
I feel like I’m falling, still falling and the THUMP! I hear familiar voices.
“Do you think she’s dead?” asks a boy.
Scared, I open my eyes and these kids are staring at me. They feel familiar, but I haven’t seen them before, well I don’t think I have.
“Hello, I’m Kimmy Gibber, and you my friend are a hero!”
“Well thank you but how?” Di replies.
“You landed on the invading queen “, she said confused.
“WHAT? “she says quickly standing up.
Looking at the squished lady on the floor. “Where am I? “Di asked.
“Why, you’re in-fairy tale land”, Kimmy replied.
“How do I get out? “Di asks.
“The only one powerful enough to get you home is the wizard of ODD”, replies Kimmy.
“Right out that door” she says. I exit the room and find myself in a scary dark wood, I try to turn back but the door is gone. I keep running but I get tired and drop down to sleep. When I wake up, I see the forest but, not like I did last night this time it’s beautiful and chirpy. I find an enormous castle a little bit ahead of me, this must be the castle that the wizard of ‘odd’ lives in. I walk around to find a door; the castle is so big that it takes me TWO MINUTES to find the door. First thing I see is a ball room with two people dancing around, but when I get closer, I see that it is my friend from school Grace. I walk through rooms and rooms of people who are familiar just don’t don’t I guess the just don’t look right like my friends at school.
Finally, I get to a door saying ‘WIZARD’S ROOM DO NOT DISTURB’ I had a ‘good feeling’ it was the right room to find the wizard. When I walk in there is a chair turns around and I see a wizard looking guy saying
“Well well well, Di Tanner I’ve being expecting you” said the wizard
“Want to go home okay”
Oh I am home.


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