Tad The Lost Explorer Under Water

Tad is an explorer who searches under water for treasure. He has two more people, Sarah and Skeleton. Tad and Sarah went off to Turkey and Skeleton went off to USA to get a pizza. Meanwhile under the water Tad and Sarah went in a cave and Tad lost her. Tad called Skeleton and Skeleton came to Turkey with some high-tech tracking gear. So Skeleton tracked Sarah because Tad put a tracking device on her. He found her.
Then they went to Russia. This time Sarah lost Tad so Sarah found him and the treasure. Tad looked at the list and said to Sarah “Next we are going to USA.” This time Skeleton got lost. Sarah called Tad and came down. They both found Skeleton and Tad said, “Did you find the treasure?” Sarah said “No.” Then she said “Yes!” Because Skeleton had it on his back because Skeleton forgot he stole it from the pizza man.
The End