The Paranormal Files

My Paranormal Dictionary
Creepy Pastas
The Slenderman
Hi, my name is Oscar I’m here to tell you about supernatural creatures and beliefs. This Slenderman was created in 2009 which is weird because a lot of people knew what Slenderman was when they were younger. I’m ten years old and I think it’s real, I have known about this stuff for years so I decided to document it. No one can prove it’s fake. Apparently, he was created in a photoshop contest. Here’s some of my theories I think the person who wrote this stuff on Wikipedia saw Slenderman. He was traumatised and said he created it because he didn’t want anyone to know about it.
The Rake
The Rake, a lot of people have claimed to of seen it, but this is serious because some people have seen it and gone into mental hospitals or died shortly after they saw him. How to describe it, the thing looks like a hairless dog, but a lot of people think it’s a humanoid creature. Some people think he has sharp claws.
Urban Legends
Click Clack Slide
Let’s move on to the urban legends. I don’t know much about Click Clack Slide I do know a little bit, here’s what I know: there’s this sound click click slide and there’s like a lady that makes a sound click clack slide. And then she kills.
The Girl in the Well
There was this girl who was walking home from school and fell down a well and she heard a little girl voice tell her how to get out. The girl went home and said, “I just fell down a well, a little girl helped me get out.” Her mum said “What girl? You’re the only girl on the block except for Alana, she drowned in the well, you nearly did.”
In conclusion did you learn anything about supernatural stuff?


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