The Escape

Excellence Award in the 'Write Along 2018' competition

I hear footsteps coming towards me, as I stand up I feel pain all through my legs, I look down at my legs and notice that they have cuts and bruises all over them. I look back at the door. The door slowly opened, I quickly hide under the bed. A ray of sunshine pokes through the gaps of the door way. A man wearing a suit comes into the room and starts mysteriously looking around, he must be looking for me. He was just about to look underneath the bed when suddenly… A little girl came in, she was wearing a ripped night gown. I looked up at her face, her eyes were white as snow! The girl was holding the man’s hand tightly, as they walk out. A phone falls out of the man’s pocket. I wait until I can’t hear their footsteps then run out and grab the phone and go back under the bed. “It’s starting to get cold” I whispered to myself, I get the cover from the bed. “I hope they won’t notice.”
It’s been a day now and I’m trying to find a way to escape. The little girl came in and cleaned the round dusty table, the floor and she made the bed. The little girl left and now everything is quiet but then…BANG!! The door flung open, men started looking around the room. I squished myself into a corner trying to hide myself more. They were trashing the room they smashed the table, messed up the bed, put holes in the walls and put a massive dint in the locked cupboard. “She’s not in here!” Someone yelled. The man in the suit and the little girl came in all the men stopped and stared at the girl.
“What’s wrong with her eyes?” One of the men questioned.
“You don’t need to know” said the man in the suit getting angry. The girl covered her eyes with her hair. “Dad can we go now?” She said pulling on the man’s jacket. “You go outside and play, I’ll deal with them” said the man in the suit.
“This is it, maybe I could sneak out when the girl goes outside, I have an idea already” I whispered. I grabbed some of the broken glass and threw it at the wall to create a distraction.
“What was that?” Asked one of the men, they all walked over to where the sound came from. I ran to the door looking back at the men, they were staring at the glass “Gullible men” I whispered. I looked in front of me and saw the girl going up the stairs towards a big wooden door. As she opened the door a gust of wind came in “What a lovely breeze” I said. The girl looked back, I hid behind a wall and she went outside. I run up the stairs quickly gripping the door. When I got outside I called for help with the man’s phone.


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