WHACK! “Ouch! What was that for?” I yell at my brother as he whacks me over the head. “Ha, ha!” He laughs back. I warn him to stop hitting me or I’d scream at him. “Try me!” He backchats. That set me off. I scream at my brother so loudly that he burst out crying. “KATIE! Don’t yell at your brother!” I hear my mum scream. Furious, I said “He hit me!” “We’ll do the parenting.” She tells me off. I give my brother the death stare and storm off to my room.
I sit in the corner of my room and think to myself, ‘Why does this happen? Why do I always get the blame?’ Sitting there wondering, I look across my bedroom and out the window. You can see across the whole paddock from here. Looking out at the paddock always calms me down. I sit there as a tear runs down my face, thinking about what my dream life would be.
I start to clean my room. It’s the only thing I can do right now. I pick an old top up off the floor and go to put it on my washing pile when a small brightly coloured box catches my eye. “What’s this?” I’ve never seen it before. I pick it up and open it. A gust of wind blows out and circles above my head.
There’s a sudden blackness. I wake up and I’m in the lounge room. How did I get here? “Sweetheart what’re you doing?” I hear a voice say. I turn around and my mum is walking towards me. “Uhm… I don’t know.” My mum looks at me confused. “All of your friends are coming over.” Surprised I asked what was going on. My mum just looked at me and walked away. I hear the doorbell go and…wait…we have a doorbell? I go to answer the door and all my friends are here. That’s not all, our whole garden is finished. “Love what you’ve done with the place.” Becca says. “Thanks?” I answer. Everyone runs in the house and I notice we have stairs. What the hell is going on? I follow everyone upstairs trying to act natural. My bedroom has been moved upstairs. I’m very confused, but this is everything I’ve ever wanted.
All of us sit down in my room and have fun, make each other laugh and play games with each other. When everyone goes home, I walk upstairs tired but happy, and plonk myself onto my bed. What a day! I tuck myself into bed and start to drift off to sleep.
I wake up the next morning and roll out of bed. I walk out and my eyes open in shock. The stairs have gone again…what? Are you telling me that was a dream? That it was all fake? I walk out to the kitchen. “KATIE! WHY MUST YOU ALWAYS SLEEP IN?!” I hear someone yell. Yep, definitely a dream.


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