Eternity Awaits

I burst outside, speeding through the deserted streets. No-one to stop me, nothing to warn me. I was not yet uneasy, I was instead determined to know. The apocalypse had started, I had no idea what I was about to experience.
Plague had spread worldwide, my parents where only trying to help me... Shrimp-like bodies lay helplessly on the cold, dusty roads. As I raced around tiny streets, I began losing hope. My strides became sluggish and I felt mentally ill. I was frightened and shaky, frantically examining my surroundings.
Eventually I burst into a state of distress, tears flooded down my face like waterfalls as I fled from the mysterious streets of my home town. I felt as if time had ended and the world was no longer there. I felt like all that existed was I, and I felt that I did not deserve it.
Coming back to reality, tears flooded the ground below. I wanted to be cut off from the truth, but half of me wanted to know it. I simply sat for a while until, eventually, I came to a conclusion.
Tomorrow I shall travel where father used to: the coal mines. And I shall no longer have to imagine it from his stories. I shall be able to have my own stories! There is a life to be lived there, a life that I want to live.
I did as I had imagined, and sleepily made my way to another deserted village. It seemed new, and abandoning it seemed an act of stupidity. I trudged on, thinking of what treasure the mines may behold.
I had never seen any mines, but if I could see one, I would choose to see father’s mine. The very last one, on the far edge of the land, he would say. And then he would begin to reminisce, and I want to do the same. I’ll have my own adventures, and tell it not only to my children, but to all.
I dreamily jogged toward ‘the end of the land’. Eventually, the welcome sea scented air leaped into my sense of smell. On the verge of success, I continued gleefully through the sweet air of the ocean. I could hear waves crashing in the distance. Hills of sand scattered the horizon. It was better than I could have ever dreamed of.
I rushed toward the beach, completely ignorant to the fact that father’s mine was long behind. The welcoming sand-dunes humped on the hot sand. Waves disintegrated in the distance as the tide came in. The boy came to an eventual decision, he needed some time away from the world, up on a high rising hump on the endless plains of sand.
And, sadly this boy had to live his life knowing that his family spends every living moment searching. But he remains completely oblivious to his current situation, in the plague and missing his loving parents, who may never find him again.


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