Captain Arrow

Chapter 1
Once upon a time, there was a cottage in the forest. It was 4:00 and Mrs Knoten was still sleeping. Then she heard something outside. “It’s just the cat,” she said nervously. She pretend to still be asleep, but an explosion of green gas hit her bedroom! Arrows flew out and the gas vanished. An arrow lay out of her chest.
Chapter 2
when she woke up, she was in the hospital. There was no one in the room and her whole body was green! Arrows shot from her fingers. Then Dr Brian walked in.
“Gooday Mrs Knoten!” he said.
“What’s happened to me!” she said.
“You got hit by a mutant arrow,” he said “Now you are a super natural human who could do great things, he added.
“A sup… A SUPERHERO!” She said with a slight scream.
“It’s a yes.”
“Ok um yes, cool!” she said nervously.
Chapter 3
Mrs Knoten and Dr Brian walked out of the room and her body turned human colour.
“How is my skin changing colour?” she asked.
“The arrow we gave you had certain abilities,” he replied.
“Such as…l shooting arrows from your fingertips, changing human colour to green skin, controlling opponents arrows and extreme physics and gymnastics skills.” He added.
Knotten gulped. They entered a cold room with a locked room, The Dr swiped 2 fingers to the left and the door disappeared.
Chapter 4
Right in front of them was a suit that looked like Robin Hood. It was a leather green embellished with silver belts and silver and green paint in a jar next to the suit. “Wow,” Knoten said.
Chapter 5
she tried on the suit. It gripped onto all four limbs perfectly as it did on the rest of her body.
“Ok,” said Dr Brian.”
“Capish,” Knoten replied.
Dr Brian placed a target a few metres from her. “Move your finger left to shoot,” Brian said.
She missed. “Oh I forget,” Brian said and he wiped the paint on her cheeks. “Now try,” and she got it perfecto!
“The paint makes every arrow you shoot, fly directly towards the target.” The doc said.
“Right,” said a thin girl in black leggings, a cape and a top.
“Mirando?” Doc said, grumbling and trembling, his hands forming fists. A black staff with a golden crystal at the tip appeared in Mirando’s hand. Doc looked angry. Electricity ripped of his clothes, and he turned turquoise! He was a Superhuman as well as Mirando.
Chapter 6
Knoten shot an arrow that was 1 metre long Doc (famously known as Electros) shot electricity. The two elements combine to make… FLASHING ARROW (Also the name of my next book!)


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