The Tree House

Once there were three children called Amelia, Josh and Eliza. They lived in an apartment. A couple of weeks later they moved house. The new house was on Rutherford Road. The house had a big old oak tree in the backyard. Amelia suggested they make a hideout, but Josh and Eliza didn’t like that idea, so after a long talk they came up with a tree house. “What tree should we use?” Eliza asked. “The big oak tree” said Josh. “That’s a great idea” Eliza said. They all went inside to ask their parents if they could make a tree house. Their parents said yes.
The next day, their Dad went to the shops to buy everything they needed to build their tree house. The children went with him. Later, the house was full of wood, nails and tools so anyone who came in had to wear shoes in case they stepped on the nails. Not long after, their Dad started building it. They wanted to help but their Mum wouldn’t let them. Once it was finished, the children started moving their stuff into the tree house because they wanted to sleep in it. They actually wanted to move in, but their parents wouldn’t let them, so they just slept there overnight.
Amelia and Josh moved the TV in there without anyone knowing. Soon the tree house was ready and the children went in. They watched TV all day.
The next day, Amelia brought their dog Jet into the tree house. It went well. Jet watched a TV program called ‘Can You Catch the Cat’. (Surprisingly the cat always won.)
The next morning, Amelia and Josh had to go to school. Amelia was the judge of a play, Josh started a science project and Eliza went to pre-school. Jet guarded the tree house all day long.
After school Amelia and Josh went to tennis and Eliza went to Humpty Sport, which is a variety of different sports for little kids. When it was time to go home, they had a talk about the tree house and their dog guarding it, because they didn’t think it was true. When they got home, they went straight out the back to see if their dog was actually guarding and he was. Next, they went into the tree house and watched a TV program called ‘Slime Cup’.
When it was time to go to bed, Amelia read a story to Josh and Eliza. It was called ‘Starting School’. Eliza had nightmares, so she slept with Amelia.
In the morning Amelia, Josh and Eliza went to the school disco. They had all been practicing their own dance routines.
Soon it was time to go. They all had lots of fun at the school disco. Amelia and Josh said bye to their friends and Eliza said goodbye to both her brother and sister’s friend.
When it was time to go, they all got straight into their pyjamas and then bed.


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