The Wonders Of The World

Some people wonder what’s out there? Where animals are born, and nature is growing? That’s what my story’s all about.
Max was in his classroom, minding his own business when suddenly this thought came flooding through his mind. ‘Maybe’ he thought, ‘if I run away after school from my family, I can find all the answers to my wonders.’
So, after school Max ran out of his classroom like a strike of lightning seeking the answers for two questions. First, he got his phone out and searched for the rainforest. It didn’t work so he tried by himself. Once he arrived at the rainforest the first thing he noticed was a wolf. A few days later they became friends. Max named the wolf “Wolfy”.
Max thought the wolf might help find his answers. “Wolf” Max asked, “will you come with me to find my answers?” “Sure” the wolf replied. So, they both headed off together to the jungle. Now it was night time and Max realised he couldn’t sleep on his own and he didn’t bring a blanket or tent to sleep in. Max was cold and scared. So, the wolf turned into a tent and blanket. Did I mention Wolfy has magic powers!
In the morning Wolfy and Max started walking to the jungle. After a while Max and Wolfy finally got to the jungle. “I’m so relieved, aren’t you?” “I sure am” replied Wolfy. It was a long walk to the jungle. “What are your wonders anyway” asked Wolfy? “How was God made and why do I get in trouble so much?” “Those are very good questions” Wolfy told max. “Let’s find somewhere else to look for answers.”
So, Max and Wolfy set out to find some answers. “Look it’s a butterfly” said Wolfy. Max followed Wolfy chasing the butterfly. “There’s something glowing in the distance” said Max. They ran to the glowing thing. “It’s a portal” they said together, so they went through it. Max and Wolfy stood so still like they were paralysed once they were through the portal. “Look at the pretty flowers. Let’s have a walk through them” Wolfy requested, so they did. After a while they saw something flying in the distance “What is that” Max asked. “I think it’s a fairy” replied Wolfy.
“Hello” Max and Wolfy chorused. “Hello” came a voice “I am the fairy of Dreamland.” Max and Wolfy bowed “Your highness” they replied. “Why did you come here” asked the fairy. “To find some answers” said Max. “What questions do you have for me?” Asked the fairy. “Well I have two questions: How was God made and why do I get in trouble so much?” “One I can answer and one I cannot” replied the fairy. “Firstly, you get in trouble so much because you don’t listen to your parents and the second question I cannot answer. You must follow life’s journey. Go” said the fairy.
“Let’s go home” said Max. So, they did, past the portal, past the jungle, the rainforest and the school. Back to where he started but he had a friend with him. Once they were home Max wondered “Do we have to follow life’s journey to find answers?” “I guess we do” Wolfy replied. “Your home” said Mum “and you brought a wolf with you. We can keep it if you want to.” “Thank you, mum,” replied Max. Later Max told Wolfy “Let’s follow life’s journey and find the answers together,” so they did.


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