The Robbery

I was taking my dog for a walk when I saw a black van. There were some people in the van and they were dressed in black. They were talking about something, but I couldn’t hear what they were saying so I sneaked closer. They were going to do a robbery at the museum. They were going to meet their boss tomorrow at the old broken down house at 7:30am. I heard them getting out of the car. I got up and started to walk away like I was just walking my dog, but then they said, “Hey kid.” I turned around and they said, “Your mum said to take you home.” I turned around and started running. They got in their van and tried to run me over.
I went into an alley. Yay it was a short cut to one of my friend’s houses, they were gaining on me. I turned in to a dark street. We made a little hideout and I quickly hid. Luckily my friend and I we made it with lose bricks last week. I quickly got in and closed the hatch. I could hear the car’s tyres screeching then they got out of the car. I heard the car door close “Where is that kid, he has to be here somewhere.” One of the guys said, they were walking closer. I thought they heard me, then one of them said “He isn’t here.” So, they got in the car and drove. When they went, I could hear the car’s tyres screech.
I got out of the hide out, I went to the police station. I told them there were some people in this black van and they were going to do a robbery tomorrow at the museum. They were going to meet their boss at the old broken down house tomorrow at 7:30 am.
The police said, “Just wait a moment.” I waited there for ages then I went.
I went home I didn’t tell mum because she would freak out. I went to my bedroom and went to sleep.
I woke up at 6:00 and went into mum’s bedroom. “Can Igo for a walk, mum?” I said.
She said “Yes” but I had to be back by 9:00. I got dressed and went downstairs. I had my breakfast and went out the door, it was 6:30.
I quickly ran to the broken down house, there was a bush about 300 metres away. I hid in that bush then about one minute after I saw that same black van that I saw yesterday. I was so nervous I had so many feelings at that moment. They parked their car at the back of a big bush. I quickly called the police. I was thinking of what I should say to the police, so they would believe me.


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