The Storm

‘Hide’ I said, ‘there’s a storm coming!’
When the storm was over all the houses were ruined, it was like a rubbish dump.
My best friend Ben survived the storm, he had lots of bruises and scratches. He also had to get stitches, so he could barely walk. He was in a wheel chair he just couldn’t walk.
Ben and I decided to walk to his grandpa’s house. When we got there his grandpa was fit and healthy. The storm had no effect on Ben’s grandpa.
Ben and I decided to go to Africa. It took five hours. When we got there it was so warm. We stayed in a very nice hotel where there was a spa, free drinks and really comfy beds.
I had never felt more relaxed in my life!
Ben and I went to a game place and we met another friend his name was Asa. He likes telling creepy stories and has brown hair and vampire teeth.
Asa, Ben and I went to the pub. Ben loves playing the games there.
Asa pulled the lever and he won one million dollars, it was insane.
After Africa we went to America and it was snowing. Asa made a snowman.
After we went to an AFL game where the Tigers took on the Hawks. The Tigers kicked 194 points, Hawks kicked 7 points.
Tigers smashed them!!


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