Hi, I’m a puppy called Lucky. My friend is Zoe. Nearly every day she has to go to school, so I don’t get to spend a lot of time with her. My plan of following Zoe to school hasn’t really worked because Zoe went to school in a bus which I’ve been chasing for ages. It’s exhausting so I rested next to Bell the cat that just ran away from me but I didn’t know why. Then I saw a mysterious looking figure slowly approaching me. It was a tall, angry man, who picked me up and put me into a cage that said, ‘Animal Control’. When we made it to the destination, I tried to escape but the man caught me again.
He took me into a building that said, ‘Animal Care’. It wasn’t really animal care because I was put into another cage. I felt like I was in jail. I realised that the cage had a tiny hole in the wall and I chewed on the hole to make it wider. I stuck my head through the hole and started digging. Suddenly the man came rushing to my cage, grabbed his shiny silver keys and opened the cage. Before he could grab me, I was through the hole on the other side. I started running, the man screamed “NO”!
I ran as far away as I could to the brightly lit Ferris Wheel in the city. I jumped into the seat and enjoyed the most beautiful view of the big green hills, the beach and where I live. I couldn’t stay there and had to keep going. I went past the Cheese Grater but for some reason I thought it looked like a gigantic juicy bone. Then I ran into the nearby airport onto an enormous plane. I didn’t know where it was heading.
I enjoyed the plane ride. It was like being in heaven because I had sausages, bones and even a treat. Once the plane had landed, I saw a tall structure through my window called the Eiffel Tower which was glowing so brightly. I could barely see anything but then I picked up a very familiar smell Surely it wasn’t him again!
I found a woman hang gliding near the airport. She took me on a flight. When I landed, I realised the man was right behind me. One of his hands was tightly gripped on the hang glider and his other hand holding a net. He threw the net at me. It went straight through my hang glider and made a gigantic hole. I started falling when suddenly the man grabbed me.
When we made it to land, he put me in his car. I jumped out and ran for my life. I boarded the bus when no one was looking. Once it stopped, I ran to Zoe’s school, into her classroom and gave her a big hug. She smiled down at me and said, “Now we know why you’re called Lucky”!


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