Ben And Rocky

Once upon a time there was an egg. It was a mysterious egg. It wasn’t a chicken or an ordinary egg. One day a man named Ben was going to chop wood for a fire and he stumbled upon the egg. He had never seen something so beautiful in his life. He took it home and studied it.
One night he went out with his friends and when he got home he had seen the egg was cracking open and what came out startled him. It was a D D…Dragon! It was as small as a big rock. The dragon jumped in to his arms since that day they have been friends forever.
Five years later the dragon had a name. His name was Rocky he was a fully-fledged dragon.
One day Ben was cleaning Rocky. Ben got on his back and the dragon started flying off but when they landed there was a baby dragon and a big dragon. They were surrounded by Black Panthers. Ben said to Rocky “let’s get them boy!” He roared “RRRAAA,” it scared them away. Ben jumped down and saw the baby dragon they looked very similar to Rocky. Ben thought,‘could they be family?’ Ben went to go and pat it but the big dragon wouldn’t let him.
A storm came and the dragons followed them home. They stayed in the shack he built.


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