Witch Land

Once upon a time there were twins called Amy and Daniel. On a Friday afternoon Amy and Daniel were playing Jailbreak. The twins were hiding behind a tree when a broom appeared right in front of them. Amy and Daniel pretended they were flying on the broom but all of a sudden, they actually started flying!
Amy was afraid of heights, so she screamed out “Help! I am going to fall!” Daniel had to keep shouting at Amy to stop screaming. They got to a strange destination with purple trees. Amy, still frightened, saw maroonish whispies in a line so she told her brother “Let’s follow these red things.” So, they did follow the whispies. When the whispies stopped they looked up and saw a small person with a witch’s hat, a witch’s broom and witch’s clothes. All of a sudden Daniel and Amy shouted, “It’s a witch!” When the twins were about to sprint off, a big cage trapped them! “You are not going anywhere!” Amy was scared to death because she was afraid of witches too. If you can’t tell Amy was scared of everything…back to the story. The witch turned around and she actually looked quite nice and said, “My name is Wanda, what are your names?” Daniel told her because his sister was trembling with fear. “I am Daniel Butler and she is Amy Butler.” Finally, Amy said hello but Daniel realised that Wanda’s face looked as if she was worried. Wanda asked for a favour “Can you help me find the most dangerous spell I own, it was stolen by Evil Ebony!” The two of them didn’t know who Ebony was but by her name they knew she was evil.
The three of them went for a walk with Daniel in the middle because Amy was still scared of Wanda. (Even though she was super nice.) Wanda heard a sound of an owl and she told the two others “Do you hear that sound, (silence) it must be Wise Owl.” Amy quietly said, “He must be very wise.” Daniel nodded his head and Wanda lead them to Wise Owl. When they got there the owl said, “What do you want?” Wanda explained “Could you tell us where Evil Ebony is?” Wise Owl answered, “She is at…the Tower of Terror!” Amy jumped but she didn’t say anything, or her brother would tease her. Luckily there was always a bright light on the top of the tower, so they set off on their journey.
Once they got there Wanda told them “I will give you my wand, point it at Evil Ebony who is on the top floor and say ‘Dustion’.” “Why can’t you do it?” Asked Daniel. Wanda explained to them that Ebony sucked out all her powers and she made her weak, so the twins had to do it. The twins saw her and shouted “Dustion!” And they were back at school.
The End


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