The Science Of Hope

Through a dark and gloomy night, the refugees drew closer and closer to what they hoped would be their new home.
As the navigator peered through the window of the MLS-001 (Moon Landing Ship), a green creature with tiny ears shouted “Dezzztroy!!!!!” Bullets ricocheted through the MLS-001.Then, the chilling cry… “Finizzh them!” The MEGA KA-BOOM bomb blew the MLS-001 out of existence.
One small boy, ran for his life towards an enormous mountain. At the foot of the mountain and, gasping for breath, he wondered how he would die.
He remembered the 2012 London Paralympics and Stephen Hawking’s inspirational speech: “Be brave. Be determined. Overcome the odds. It can be done!”
He struggled and struggled until he stumbled upon a warm and inviting cave. The boy decided to make it his home until he died. He ventured deeper into the cave and found a dorm and a chest of food.
He was woken by strange and unknown noises. Cautiously, he slipped out of bed and exited the dorm.
The hallway was dark and mysterious with cobwebs pasting the wall. The boy shivered, he sensed something terrible. Little did he know he was heading towards the most dangerous place in the universe - the heart of aliens.
Suddenly, the boy was surrounded. Terrified, he fumbled desperately for his most treasured possession - A Brief History of Time. He handed it to the closest alien.
A deathly silence descended.
At last, the alien gasped, “This Hawking human is different from the rest… he warned us:
Maybe it says something about human nature, that the only form of life you have created so far is purely destructive!
"Kill him!”
“No!” cried the boy, “you really don’t know Hawking at all! Your Hawking also said,
We are here together, and we need to live together. We are all time travellers journeying together into the future. But let us work together to make that future a place we want to visit.”
The aliens confirmed, through their data search, that these were indeed the words of the great scientist.
Their leader said, “we have watched the humans for centuries they are incapable of overcoming their destructive nature. They try but they fail.”
The boy: “Did Hawking fail?”
One last time the boy tried to reach them: “It takes just one great mind to change the universe. How about you meet with the humans and ask them to join you in living Hawking’s way?”
The aliens mumbled and grumbled.
Their leader spoke:
“We will permit one more ship. You will arrange a meeting at our base. You will remain with us until we have satisfied ourselves that the humans are not entirely destructive creatures…”


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