The Kitchen Catastrophe

Once there was a unicorn called Cora and an old dragon called Polkie. They lived in a town called Bobble. Cora was very lonely even though she had Polkie, but all Polkie did was sit on a chair and read the newspaper.
One day when Polkie woke up there was flour, cracked eggs, butter, milk, sultanas and all the kitchen cutlery all over the kitchen floor.
“What has happened?” exclaimed Polkie. Cora only just woke up and didn’t know what was happening.
“What, has, happened?” asked Cora during a yawn.
“I don’t know,” said Polkie. They were both scared so they called Rascal the meerkat and Pari the Pig.
“Hello,” said Cora in a trembling voice, “Something’s happened to my house.’’
“It’s ok,” said Rascal, “We’ll come and investigate.” When they arrived It was dark.
“It must be night time,” said Cora.
“Off we go to bed,” said Polkie. So Cora and Polkie went off to bed. Pari and Rascal stayed up late in the lounge room.
“What’s that?” said Pari, and he looked up and…then he saw that it was just Cora sleep walking. When they all woke up he told them and they all laughed. They were all glad that they knew what had happened. From then on they lived happily ever after.


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