Glass Heart

Magnetic forces pulling on a glass heart
elastic strings tensing as it plunges toward the bottom of a murderous tower
almost at the base of the obelisk of secondary education
ground millimetres from a scratched, bruised, cracked surface
each fall is so much closer to the ground
close to utter obliteration of the fragile object,
see, it’s the weight, the weight is what pulls it down
gravity acts, pulling the heaviest object closer than expected
a glass palpitating from anxiety wrapped in pythons, squeezing out life
alienated concept of emotions constricting its own microscopic organism
anguish, misery, despair, futility, dread, doubt, dissatisfaction, enmity
too much weight, the elastics couldn’t hold, and it went plummeting
a transparent being, an invisible entity, a diaphanous soul but
none miss the shatter of glass against the concrete weapon we all built