Lady In The Black Dress

Once upon the time in the Afternoon on 2018, a 10 year old girl named Selina. She loves to read books. Selina just came home from school with her siblings, Samantha, Jasmine and Lucas. Selina got a new book from the Library. It's called 'Lady in the black dress'. It is about a lady that wears a black dress at 3:00 am and her family disappears.
She read that book until midnight. "It's 12 o'clock, I should get ready for bed" she said. A few hours later, when it was 3:00 am, there was a black dress. Selina woke up and saw it. As she stared at the dress, the dress came closer and closer to her. She got scared and ran away. Then She calls her family but she realised that her family is gone. "It's just like the book i read and its happening to me!. I should have never read that book" she cried. Then her sister, Samantha popped up on the TV. " If you can do what we both always do, I'l come back. Help me Selina!" Samantha shouted. Then when Selina did what Samantha told her to do, she did the same with her other family members. When her family came back, The dress was off her, but something was missing. Their little toddler, Mia. "The only idea is me putting that dress back on" said Selina. Samantha thinks that thats not a good idea. " Here it goes" Selina whispers. Selina, Samantha and Lucas jumped into the TV to try and find Mia. Mia is lost in a maze. "I found her!" Lucas shouted. Then they all pop out of the TV. "YAY we are back together again" Everyone shouted. And they lived happily ever after. The end.

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