Daddy Did My Hair Today

Oh no, just great, this is really not good!
I’ll do my hair now; I think that I should.
My Mummy normally does my hair you see,
But she’s gone to work and Dad’s as berserk as can be.

O please, O God, O please I pray,
That Daddy won’t do my hair today.
He drags me to the bathroom, a mouldy hairbrush in his hand,
‘I can do it myself Dad’, I say, but he doesn’t understand.

‘Pffttt, nonsense’ says Daddy, ‘I can do it faster,’
‘I’m not just your dad, you know, I’m the hair-do master!’
He has beaters in his jacket, that are covered with whipped cream,
He puts them in and turns them on and then I start to scream.

I can’t believe my Daddy thinks that he’s the hair-do master,
He’s just turned my hair into a messy cream disaster.
Now my grade two classmates will mock me all this week,
My Daddy’s whipped cream hair-do makes me look just like a FREAK!

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