A bad weekend

Six years now I’ve been riding motorbikes and never once have I broken a bone until now the most important day of my motorbike career and I break a leg. Hi I’m jack and I love motorbikes but man have I had a bad weekend. I’m lying in a hospital bed with a broken leg and I just screwed up my motorbike trials.

It all started on Friday the last day of school for the year and man was I exited. Tomorrow was the big day, the national motorbike trials. Where all the best motorbike riders around Australia compete for the amateur title and a sponsorship for fox motorbikes. We were In English, the last period of the day at school, and I was trying very hard not to get an after school detention, and trust that’s not easy for me. I’m not the most favoured kid in school. If I got a detention I would not get to go home and fix up my bike for the race. I was sitting next to my worst enemy, His name was Jason and we hated each other ever since preschool were he bullied me every day. We were doing or English test and he through something at the side of my head, I turned to the side and looked at him, and as I did he raised his hand and yelled out “CHEAT!!!” The teacher looked up “DETENTION!!!!” he yelled right at me.

Damn last day at school and I land myself a detention. Now I’m sitting in a blank room at 4 o’clock scratching my name into the desk, while mum is outside talking to the teacher she walks into the room and grabs me by the arm and pulls me to the car she don’t say anything to whole way home.

Ok It’s now Saturday and nothing could ruin my day I’m at the trials doing some practice jumps on my bike and I was feeling so good I was really pump for the race and then it all went wrong the motorbike stalled in mid air and locked up I hit the ground really hard face first and then the motorbike came after it landed right on top of my leg I didn’t no where I was until I was halve way to the hospital. I woke up with my mum by my side we were in the back of an ambulance. Mum was running her fingers through my hair. “Are you all right” she said “we are on our way to the hospital” she said in a clam voice. I Lent up and said “what about the motor.....” but mum cut me off in mid sentence. “Its all right” she said “there will be other chances for that”.

And that is how I got here, pretty bad isn’t it. But it isn’t that bad here I get a lot of attention now from every one, but I definitely can’t wait to get back out on my motorbike.

By Matthew Tickner


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