Felicia Feather was just an average girl with brown hair and brown eyes. But remarkably, she was always very, very happy, even when things were not going her way. Felicia’s smile was bright like the sun, it shone through the darkest moments, through lost teeth and aching gums. She was quick to laugh, with a giggle that lit up the room always.
Where did Felicia’s happiness come from? Felicia delighted in the small details of life that made the world a better place. She noticed the multi-coloured butterflies that fluttered in the delicate breeze in her garden. She dawdled with her ice cream, giggling as the thick, icy liquid dripped down the waffle cone. She liked to watch the ants in the garden, with their angry busyness, and would laugh as they collided again and again.
Felicia also liked to roller skate. One sunny day she was at the local skate park when she tripped on a rock. She flew through the air like wonder woman and landed with a thud. Her knee oozed bright red drops of blood.
“Ow!” She exclaimed, then paused, seeing everyone looking towards her in awe, “Well at least I did a good trick!”
Later in the afternoon Felicia went to the movies. She had finally gotten into the cinema after waiting in a very long line. The cinema was dark and crowded. Felicia was so excited! Her favourite actor, Zoe van Templeton, was starring in the movie. The lights were starting to dim, and the crowd was becoming silent when the screen went dark and the music stopped. A man appeared at the front of the cinema.
“I’m so sorry, but we can’t get the movie working, so we’ll have to cancel it,” he apologised.
Felicia was disappointed, but immediately thought, ‘Well, at least I can spend more time with my family.’ She drifted into the foyer, a bright smile on her face, and accepted a free movie ticket from the cashier.
At home Felicia was playing cards with her mother when she heard the tinkle of an ice cream van outside. The sun was setting behind crimson clouds as she rushed to the door. In the driveway was the ice cream van, right outside her house.
“Yes!” She shouted with glee. Felicia bolted outside, her pocket money tinkling in her hand. She beamed at the lady in the van, who knew how to make her favourite flavour - roasted hazelnut, peaches and pomegranate, with a sprinkling of cream and dusted fairy floss.
“Delicious!” Felicia mumbled through a mouthful of sweet, sticky ice cream. “BEST DAY EVER!” Her knee ached, but was healing already, and besides the cut now made the shape of a love heart. She would go to the cinemas again tomorrow and didn’t even have to pay.
Life was messy and sweet, like ice cream. She watched the milky drops falling down the cone, splashing the busy ants. What a glorious ending.