The Beauty Of The Fleeting

Like life, are the petals, cascading from blossomed tree
Though leaves fall, come spring, new life always grows
Stars, so bright, still die; even they cannot last forever
They come and go, like the summer breeze that blows.
Like life, is the sand, swept away by gentle shore
As much so as are lonely footprints in the snow
Time, so precious - always coveted, but often wasted
Lost is life, like memories of long time ago.
Like life, so treasured, is the bold and regal rose
Born from both joy and tragedy, is such beauty
Agile and free, as is the river that flows
But is only so treasured, as like the rose, life is fleeting.
So sweet, is life, created as so to end
Even sweeter, is it, for its creation has end, not
The inevitability of death, though reason for mortal fear
Is also the reason life - so short, so fragile - is so beautiful


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