If I'd Become A Journalist

If I’d Become a Journalist, I’d be in jail. First of all, I’m a 13-year-old. Second of all, I’m clumsy. Third of all, I’m always in trouble. Fourth of all, I’m a terrible writer. I don’t even know why the publisher wanted me to write another story because she thinks I have ‘J.K Rowling potential’. Just give bad reviews, and you won’t have to deal with this. Ready? That’s start. If I’d become a journalist, I’d destroy all of Amazon Rainforest. Don’t think that’s possible? You’ll see. Once I’d find a convenient ship passing by London, I’d take my journal I bought off Amazon (not the actual rainforest) and hop on board illegally with my research team. During my peaceful time on the ship, I’d punch the captain unconscious and steer the ship towards the Amazon River with no experience and the occasional seasickness. While we travel through the Amazon, I’d accidentally spill oil into the water since I’m a bad captain too. I’d hit a sharp rock along the way, slowly and brutally killing all water life source. Being a very responsible journalist, I’d make a campfire for my research team to rest for the next day and watch the cargo ship sink and the water turn black. While we explore the rainforest, we encounter a few angry gorillas who thought we were trying to take their babies, but we were only trying out the new selfie camera on the new Apple phone. Being nearly rampaged to death, I’d make another campfire, let my team rest and head off alone into the wild darkness to find things to journal about. I’d discover the last living Dodo bird thought to be extinct. I'd write it all in my journal. Everyone forgets about the oil spill and the end. Unless you want a happy ending, I suggest you put the book down. If you didn’t, you’re a horrible listener like me. I’d actually start a big rainforest fire (how ironic) and kill all life source in the Amazon Rainforest. Everyone forgets about my awesome journal, and I’d get thrown into jail.


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