The Evil Genie

“Awch!” said Michael as he smashed his enormous head on the wall. “What happened,” exclaimed Sarah in a frightened way. “Are you ok?”She asked. “Yes but I think I made a hole in the wall.” “Look! I think there is a genie lamp in the hole”. Shouted Michael. “Let me see!” said Sarah. “Shhhh,” whispered Michael. “Do not open it because it might be dangerous,” said Sarah in a firm manner. “Ok,” answered Michael in a frustrated way. So Sarah took the lamp and put it under her bed.
The next day Michael sneaked into Sarah’s room like a slithering serpent and rubbed the lamp even though he was not allowed. Then a genie came out and said. “I will destroy the world but first I will destroy this house.” “No!” shouted Michael in horror. “What is it?” said Sarah rushing in to the room. Then Sarah took one good look at the genie and said. “Ahhh!” “Did you open the genie lamp?” “Umm yes,” said Michael in a frightened way. “Now his going to destroy the world,” said Michael. “I’m sorry Sarah,” said Michael in an ashamed way. “Whatever, there’s no time for sorry,” said Sarah courageously. “I have a plan,” exclaimed Sarah. “Give me the lamp and a rope then follow me,” said Sarah.
When Sarah was running to the genie, the genie through a fire ball at her but Sarah dodged it. “Nice moves,” said Michael. “Thanks, I learnt from the best,” exclaimed Sarah. Then Sarah ran around the genie and rapped him with the rope Michael gave her. Then she rubbed the lamp and trapped the genie back inside the lamp. “Yes!” said Sarah and Michael excitedly. “Let’s hide it some place no one will ever find it" Said Micheal. Sarah and Michael decided to hide the lamp deep in the ground where it was never found again.


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