Better At Sea

The best time of my life was this trip and here...

It all started when I was twelve. My parents, sister and I were going on a two-year boat trip around the islands. I was sad at first because I would not see any of my friends for two years, but I changed my mind because I realized this was a once in a life opportunity especially since my family was not the wealthiest, I knew at all. My parents said that they wanted me and my sister to take a break from technology because we seemed to always be on it.

It was finally time for us to board our boat and that was when my sister was not happy because we would only have reception when we reached an island. She was always on her phone and watching Netflix and each time she had a friend over she would never let me play with her and her friend. I was glad she was coming because maybe now we would get closer together, (now that I was glad about). At 9:30am we boarded our boat I had a few tears saying good bye to my best friend and friends as well as my grandma and grandpa.

We have been on the sea for around two hours and we have about 2 decks left to look at. I was really excited at this point because there was so much to do and so much to see. My family actually won the trip for free, so we got the penthouse bedroom. We had been on the ship for just over three months now, but it was amazing.

I was out and we had just heard on the speakers that we were arriving at the Hamilton island. I was really excited because we stay at an island for no more than one month. This was the island I was looking forward to the most because it is supposed to have the best waves for surfing.

We have been here at Hamilton island for about twelve days and it has been amazing so far. I have loved this and having my sister off technology for now is amazing! We have found out so much more about each other and bonded together for like the first time in a very long time. when the two-year cruise is over, I wonder if all this will end the bonding, sharing, the knowing each other inside and out or has my sister changed for good?!

(my aim for writing this story was to show that technology can be very powerful and without it we can be so much happier. Just I would like to have everyone know technology is more powerful than you think).


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