That Little Calico Cat

I was at my auntie’s house having lunch with her, when a little stray kitten stepped into the yard, she was terrified when she saw me and my auntie. I stood up approaching her slowly, she looked petrified, I clicked my tongue and she came running straight to me, she nuzzled my hand, her fur as soft as cotton, her purr could be heard from space. After two minutes I fell in love with this cat, she would chase my feet and give me kisses. My mum doesn't let us have female cats, so we could never keep her no matter how much I wanted to. My auntie said she saw her before we did, she always came into her yard and got pats. Soon my whole family fell in love with her, including my mum. But we didn't end up keeping her sadly. But the good thing is she still comes back for pats and a play every single weekend. Our whole family loves her and we love her little visits. I ended up calling her Nya. My brother thinks she’s a Paris. If she does ever stop visiting, I will still love that little calico cat.


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