Elements Of Earth

“Hey, Tamara!” said Oriana. “Prisms, ready to play with your friends?” “Oh Hi Oriana, Hi Prisms, the girls are up stairs waiting for you”, said Tamara. “Ok”, said Prism. Prism walked upstairs to her six other friends. Princesses Sabrina and Sienna, Melissa and Madison, Gemstone and Cassandra. They were waiting for her at the balcony. “Hey gang”, said Prism. When they saw Prism a smile spread across their face and they jumped on her. With a giggle they all helped her up. “Hey Prism,” said Sabrina, “so what are we doing today?” “We’re going to ride the Griffins,” said Oriana. “Awesome!” said Prisms, “ I’ve never rode a Griffin before.” “Well, not everyone’s royalty,” said Sienna.
The girls went out to the Griffin arena. “Ok girls its simple, pick a Griffin, perch on it, pull back the rains and presto, said Sienna. They lifted off and enjoyed a magical ride on their Griffins. When they returned, Queen Tamara walked out and said, “girls come with me to the royal treasury”. “Ok Mum,” said Sienna and all the girls headed up to the treasury. “Mum, what’s wrong?” “Girls the element disc has activated, and I fear that will bring danger from the enemy force that the original Elements of Earth defeated so many eons ago. I’m afraid they will attack.” Sienna asked, “why do you need us?” The Queen sighed, “you must take the disc far away to a place where the enemy will never find it or it will be the end of us all.” There was a crash down stairs! “They’re already here!” screamed Queen Tamara.
The Queen and the seven girls ran downstairs. “Go” said Queen Tamara, “go!” The girls ran in the opposite direction of the Queen. The girls were running as fast as they could towards the door but when they got there it was already heavily guarded by enemy soldiers.
The soldiers saw the disc in Sabrina’s hand. “Charge!”, shouted the soldiers as they attacked. The girl’s fought back, but one of the soldiers knocked Sabrina over and the disc went rolling across the floor. Everyone raced to get to the disc. Luckily the girls got there first. When they all touched the disc a burst of light came out of it which caused the soldiers to disappear.
Simultaneously, the seven girl’s clothing was transformed. Now they were wearing amazing dresses. Sabrina had red, Sienna had aqua, Prism had grey, Melissa had white, Madison had light green, Gemstone had a faded yellow and Cassandra had dark green. They all had gold armour, a mask magically spread across their faces. A voice said, “Sabrina and Sienna Dragonheart you are Fire and Water Mage. Prisms Wolfmoon, you are Energy Archer. Melissa and Madison Griffinstone, you are Air and Earth Knight and Gemstone and Cassandra Phoenix-Eye, you are Light and Sky Striker. What just happened?! We’ve become the Elements of Earth.


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