Empty Void Of A World

My eyes shot open and I quickly got to my feet. I was surrounded by black, the world was empty and quiet. The air smelt like death but at least I got a moment to think outside of the torment of the real world. I just stood there for a while before deciding to try and take my first step but decided to wait a little longer as this peace was nice because I was not getting smacked around by my parents or getting yelled at by bullies at school, this world was mine and no one could ever take this from me. I stood there for twenty minutes before deciding to take the step, when my foot didn’t hit where the ground should of been I fell through the empty void to another platform which was fast approaching but before I hit the ground I awoke to the real world. Unfortunately all good things come to an end and I had to get up and get ready for another tormenting school day, I get my clothes on and walk out the front door to go to school but today I decide to take the rout along the sea cliffs just next door to my house. On the way up to the top some kids from school were waiting for me at the top and were already armed with their insults, I walked up to them and walk straight through them and to the edge of the cliff. I stood there and watched as they all started getting scared. I stood there and said to them “What’s the point of living if all it brings is pain,” none of them responded. I took one step back and off I went, time slowed as I fell as to say “You must suffer for what you have just done,” but it was all over in a jiffy and to this day I have never been found.


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