The Robbery

There were only thirty seconds left until the bomb could explode and I didn’t know which wire to cut... Let me tell you how I got myself in this position.

So my day had begun like normal. Me getting up at eight am and leaving for work around nine. I used to work in the military for about ten years. Now I work as an accountant in the worlds most boring place. A bank. Well the day had started normally then suddenly the banks alarm went off. Everyone ran out the bank but I decided to stay in the bank and see what had caused the alarm. I checked the security cameras and surprisingly all the security guards ran out as well. So I checked the cameras and nothing came up. So then I decided to check the vault. When I got there I saw three people with ski masks on their face arming a bomb to the vault. Luckily I had bought some protection. A baseball bat. And yes, I bring a baseball bat to work. And me being in the military for ten years I had experience taking on people with ski masks on their face. I walked in quietly and I knocked one of the thief’s out. One of the other thief’s saw me and ran at me with a crowbar. I dodged his attack then suddenly the other one knocked me out.

After about half an hour I woke up in a dark room. It took time for my eyes to adjust to the dark. When my eyes focused I saw broken draws and money notes on the floor. Then I realized that I was in the banks vault and someone had locked me inside. I started to remember things very slowly. I looked for a way out but couldn’t see any vents. But I saw something red in the middle of the room. I tried getting up but I was tied to a chair. Luckily, me being a military expert I became very calm and tried to become loose. I sucked all the air in and wiggled out of the chair. The thieves were too dumb to even tie my hands up. I walked up to the red thing. As soon as I saw it I screamed my pants off. I ran three laps around the vault screaming at the top of throat. Then I fell. I tried calming myself then walked up to the bomb. Luckily, I have expert military bomb disarming skills. So then I analyzed the bomb and checked where the wires were. Luckily, the bomb didn’t have a cover so it was completely open. There were three wires. A blue, red and green wire. I looked very carefully. There were drops of perspiration forming on my head. I had a shard of glass and looked carefully. There were thirty seconds left. I closed my eyes and and grabbed a wire and cut it. I opened my eyes and the timer was zero.


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