What Am I?

I am in darkness for 328 days precisely every year. The hope I carry with me ets me through each year. I'm wrapped, tightly held and protected. Other decoration should ares not so loved.

After the prolonged wait, I finally am set free. Many people help me clamber out of the dark. I'm always dressed my best in the most beautiful sparkly clothes. The familiar faces that have grown older, wiser and stronger, place me gently on my throne. Looking down from my tower of green. All my beautiful little children look up at me in wonder.

When the day comes, their big family gathers in my family's humble abode. Everyone floats in, dressed in a palate of traditional holiday colours. Once the guests settle down, it's time for presents.

Young decoration who are
1 or 2 years old are quite jealous at this time. The others tell them to be quiet. The sound of paper ripping and children squealing in joy is a charming sound.

Next up is now my jealous part. Cakes, fruit, pavlova, apple cider, turkey, seafood, cheeses and more are placed on the table. The aroma of the room is exciting and warm. The big plum pudding is out next. The star of the show is on her now. Her smell covers the whole house. Everyone digs into the food like they haven't eaten for months. After everyone is stuffed, the worst part of the day is now up.

Bye. The hugs and kisses and goodbyes are now up. Goodbye everyone! I quickly wave. No one pays any attention luckily. I'm just an angel.

Christmas has passed and it's time to go back into darkness but I know that it will come again for me. See you next year.


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