Rosebloom's Calf

The cold, hard wind stung the little girls face as she fearlessly walked the dangerous journey to the paddock where her, soon to be mother, Rosebloom the cow was. This was Rosebloom's first calf so little Marie had to help check on the cow every three to four hours in case Rosebloom ,or Rosie as everyone knew her as, had any trouble calving because it could possibly mean death.Marie stumbled up after her father as they grew nearer to the cow every second. Marie and her father Max had planned to check Rosie after the storm had passed, but Rosebloom's special computerised collar had alerted Max that there was something wrong so they had to go now. Rosie was now so close that Marie and Max could hear her bellowing as if something was wrong, but now as they were only three or so meters away from Rosie they realised that the bellows weren't that of Rosie's but of a calf's. Marie glowed with excitement and even though she was cold from the wind and rain she felt toasty warm inside. Rosebloom had calved! Max hugged Marie tight to his chest and they were both so full of radiant joy, but now they had to make their way back down o the farmhouse. "Marie, I will carry you down so that you wont get worn out." Even though the house was only a short walk from the paddock that they were currently in, it was really cold and dark out and little Marie had become very tired after the walk up. " Thank you Papa. But will you be okay?" Marie questioned "I shall be fine. you just rest and don't worry." Max responded quietly so as not to disturb Rosie who was now laying down with her calf. Max valiantly made the way back down to the house but when he arrived at only 20 meters away from the farmhouse the great tree that lived on there small farm stopped him in his footsteps as it fainted to the ground with a tremendous BOOM! Max was lucky he wasn't hit. He clambered over the tree and finished the journey back to the farmhouse. When he arrived at the house Max put Marie down in bed as she had fallen asleep during the ride. He walked out to the living room and sat down on the lounge next to the lounge. "So what was wrong with Rosebloom?" His wife interrogated. "She had calved was all. But when I was coming back down I realised that it wasn't Rosebloom, It was Mary. Rosebloom calved yesterday."


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