A Day Unlike Any Other

I sat by my living room window looking out towards the warm colours of the trees which surrounded my house. The sun hung high in the ocean blue sky patched with thick pasty clouds. It was a perfect day to be outdoors. My house isn’t too far from an opened forest, maybe I can go there. Without a second thought, I got up and grabbed my keys and phone, placing them in the pocket of my jumper and I snatched my camera from the kitchen table, pulling the strap attached to it over my head and leaving it to sit on my neck as I headed to the front door and began walking. After about ten minutes, I finally reach the forest. There was a dirt path leading in towards the forest where the trees stood high arching over, allowing the slightest bit of sunlight to seep through making it seem a little dark considering the fact that it was only noon. I started along the dirt trail but end up wandering in any direction my feet took me. The aroma of the forest made my nose tingle in delight as the smell of the damp soil filled the air. I slowly trudged through the build up of parched maple leaves which lay beneath me, making a loud crunch as I took each step. Besides the noise of the leaves, the forest was relatively quiet. I continued on, walking deeper into the forest, stopping ever so frequently to take a few pictures of the beautiful scenery which surrounded me. After walking around for nearly an hour or two, I decided to stop and reviewed the photos I had taken so far. I leaned against a thick oak tree as I looked over them, when I heard a faint murmur of water closeby. I followed in the direction I thought it was coming from, passing through thin stringybark trees and piles of logs, eventually reaching an extended creek bordered by large mossy rocks. The water slowly streamed across making a calm and pleasant sound, and leaves of browns and reds occasionally fell into it and were taken in the same direction. I kneeled down by the creek and grabbed a small rock from ground and dropped it in. I watched as it met the surface of the reflective shallow water, making it ripple as it softly splashed before sinking to the bottom. I sat there for what seemed like hours just gazing lifelessly into creek when I finally came back to life. The rays of sunlight which seeped through the forest had faded away and the sun appeared to be setting fast allowing for darkness to take over, leaving the forest slightly dimmed. It was probably time to turn back and head home. As I push myself up from the ground, I feel a gentle nudge on my shoulder, strong enough to take me back down. My heart skipped a couple beats as I gradually turned my head and caught a glimpse of a human-like figure standing right behind me. Tears begin to trickle down my cheek as I realise this whole time I was in the forest at the creek, I was being watched and I was not alone.


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