Aria's Story

Aria’s Story
Aaargh! I woke up from a bad dream again. I hate bad dreams. Anyway, my name is Aria. I have braces, golden hair, a fringe and I love writing! Sometimes I sit and write all day and everything I see inspires me to write more. One day something amazing happened that made me a famous author. I decided to use my nightmares to make horror stories. I started with the dream I just had…
Once upon a time there was a mad scientist, James, that loved doing evil. One day, after he'd escaped from jail, he read about a poison you could get from a plant in a South American rainforest. It was only found in the deepest depths of the rainforest. It was called LIVE (EVIL backwards). He got in a plane and started his mission. On his way he took a quick nap and dreamt of all the people he would kill. He arrived, searched for months and eventually found the plant. The leaf felt like velvet and shined like the sun, it was glorious. The liquid he extracted would kill anything it touched and would be the perfect gift for murder!

One day he entered a competition for the best scientist in the world at his local university. Every person who entered would get killed. It came down to two contestants, James and Anette, the rudest person in the whole competition. Her invention was a car powered by a kitten! And she won?! Against a flying machine?! Weird. He was so angry and that’s how he became a “mad scientist”.

He put a special ointment on his hands to protect himself from the poison. To get revenge he tried the poison on Anette and she died within 5 seconds. Then he started his murder streak on the other people who entered the competition. He sometimes shook hands with his other hand just to confuse detective Will Crackit so he would not crack the case.
The Chief of Police said “Crackit, you haven’t cracked it. You’ve cracked up!”
Will looked at the crime scenes where the people had been, he compared each crime scene and the one person who showed up every time was James.

The police had not found him since his jail escape. When Detective Crackit showed the evidence to the Chief, he was amazed at how fast Will had solved the case. The Chief then arrested James, for the second time.

Detective Crackit was awarded another medal. Then scientists researched the plant more and discovered an antidote. All victims were brought back to life, except for one, Anette. They decided not to give her the antidote because she was so rude.
The End.
Well that was kind of was not like real horror or anything. Anyway, I’ll send it to the publishing house, they love my books, and will publish it straight away. And that is how I became a famous author!
The End.


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