The Slaining

The Slaining!

As the moonlight shone on Johnny and I, we looked at the stars glooming in darkness of night. We were going to no-man’s land. We were about to enter Death Cave to defeat the dangerous dragon Viserion. We were both feeling extremely anxious. “Gulp.”

Booming voices were heard. Noises we’ve never heard before. Our lives depended on defeating this dragon. For years we have heard rumours about this evil dragon. The time has finally arrived to defeat Viserion.

Dark deathly shadows appeared as we walked in Death Cave. Signs were visible saying WARNING! GO BACK NOW! DANGER DANGER! Chills ran down our spines. All of a sudden the entrance closed “BANG!”

Next,unexpectedly, a loud roar came from the evil Viserion.“ ROAR!” It terrified me and Johnny. I froze in fear. A rapid swinging arm came at Johnny. He quickly dodged it and ran away. I reached for the dragon’s old scaly face, his protruding eyes gave me a laser glare.

The temper of the Viserion grew and grew. Fire spat out of the dragon. Terror grew inside Johnny and I. The dragon's claws grew longer and longer, sharper and sharper. “Oh no.”

A lightning arm came at Johnny but he could not dodge it and got caught. “AAAHH.” I dropped to the ground in fear. I was PETRIFIED. The dragon swung at me and caught me. I knew it was the end of my life……. But Johnny came and said “ I’ve got you and I won’t let you die.”

We used all of our energy to defeat the dragon. We were never going to give up. This was our Only Chance! It was either Life Or Death. The heat burnt my delicate face sweating uncontrollably. My head was pounding not knowing the next move of this ferocious creature.

I felt cold icy liquid all over me, my body was shaking and my heart was pounding. Then, in the freezing breeze I could hear familiar voices, I jumped and realised it was all just a dream. My mum was screaming “wake up it's time for school!”


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