Hazel’s Big Day

I opened my eyes. It was dawn. Another day! Another day of playing, running and having fun at the park. I couldn’t wait! I leaped out of my bed and ran to mum and dad’s bed. I jumped on them, wriggling with excitement. I yelled, “Get up! Get up!” “All right! they yawned. “Yay!” I bounded to my brother Spiffy’s bed and woke him up. He jumped in fright as I bounced on top of him. He got up lazily and fell headfirst back on his bed. “ZZZZZZZZZ”, he went.

I scampered off to eat my breakfast then hopped to the door where mum and dad were waiting. When we finally arrived at the park I was so happy I nearly jumped in the pond! I ran down the path and dived into the ivy. I played and rolled and jumped in it. I then realised that mum and dad were waiting at the gate so I scrambled out of the ivy and trotted back to mum and dad in a hurry. When we got home it was lunchtime. I gobbled up my biscuits and chicken. I should mention I am able to eat without using my hands! It’s a bit messy but it’s the only way I know. I then hurried to bed. I always have a nap at midday. I fell asleep and dreamed of Speckles, my far away brother. I miss him.

When I got up we had another quiet outing to the park for a run while our dinner was being prepared. We got home and ate and then it was time for bed again. It’s a busy life, being a puppy.


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