No Ordinary Chook Part 2

(Part 2 written after reading groups with book 1)
Soon the little body poked out. It was a black chick with brown eyes just like Magic’s. Jade missed Magic terribly, but now maybe because the new black chick didn’t belong to anyone, Jade’s parents may allow her to keep it. Jade ran inside her home with excitement. “Mum, mum… Can I keep Magic’s baby chick?” “Who is Magic?” Mum asked. “The black chook that was in our front yard.” Jade explained with impatience. “But are you going to look after it?” Queried Jade’s mum. “Yes I will even pay for his supplies. I really want to keep him mum. Please?” Pleaded Jade. “No I’m sorry Jade but your newspaper job pays you next to nothing. You need a cage and everything.” Stated mum sympathetically. “But… MUM!” Jade challenged.
Jade then ran in to the front yard to see the chick. She wondered whether he was like Magic. She wondered if he could give her more wishes. Jade was pondering in her mind. If only the new chick could give her a wish to double her newspaper money. She digressed. Jade wanted to find a name for the chick. Magic 2; no. That just reminded her of Magic. “How about Star?” She thought out loud. “That’s it. I like that name.” She stated proudly.
Star’s eyes suddenly turned turquoise. I gazed at Star. ‘Am I going to get my wish for double money for my paper rounds? Do I get more wishes after that?’ She thought as she stared admiringly at Star.
Suddenly Mum yelled, “Jade. I was just on the phone to your boss. You’re getting double money for your paper round!”
“Really! Did he say why?” She asked excitedly. “Yes your boss said that someone quit, so you and Pete were the only ones available to do all the jobs, so he has offered you more runs.” Mum explained to an ecstatic Jade. “So now can I keep the chook?” Asked Jade. “Yes. And what is that game that you wanted” Mum enquired. “Oh wow. Wizard quest.” Jade’s eyes lit up. “Well you can have both.” Mum announced proudly. “You deserve it Jade.”
Before mum had finished speaking, Jade called Pete to let him know the great news. Pete was so happy for Jade too.
That afternoon, Pete and Jade got together to celebrate all the exciting things that had happened that day.


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