I wandered through the empty house, my eyes drinking in the eerie atmosphere. My eyes blurred just at the thought of it. I missed them. A lot.My gaze lay on a particular wall - images of my friends and I scattered it, each decorated with either hearts, stars or glitter. I smiled. Kelly probably designed the frames. I glanced at one of the photos, an image of my best friend and I, covered head to toe in glitter. I smiled. I remember that day. Not like I’ll ever forget it anyway...

'I sprinted forward, my friend Violet not far behind. We pushed forward, before a blur of glitter appeared in front of us out of the blue. Vi and I screamed. A small girl around 8 years old stood before us, her eyes burning with anger.
“Violet!”, whined the young child. “Look what you did! She pointed to her glitter-stained hair.
“Well maybe you shouldn’t mess with my computer Kelly!”, Vi snapped back.
“Can you at least help me get it out?”, Kelly pleaded. Vi shook her head.
“But it’s your fault! You’re the one that got glitter in my hair! You need to help me out!”.
“Yeah well, I’m the big sister and I say no”, Vi stuck out her tongue before proceeding to the door. I glanced over at Kelly expecting a upset, teary eyed child. What I got was much worse.
“Watch your step”, she called out dangerously. My eyes widened. I cursed before sprinting after Vi.
“Vi! No!”. I made to the doorway where Vi stood patiently. “Don’t go-”. My statement was cut short when two buckets of glitter rained down on us. We heard a chuckle behind us.
“I hope you learned your lesson”, Kelly cackled'.

I chuckled at the memory.Vi couldn’t get it out of her blonde streaks for weeks. That was the first time I met Kelly. A devious little girl she was. I continued on until I reached the back door. Deep breath in, deep breath out. I grasped the handle and opened the door. A soft breeze welcomed me. There in the backyard, lay a grave and a small girl next to it. She knelt next to the grave, sobbing. I crouched next to her, trying to wipe her tears. Suddenly a voice rang through the area.
“C’mon Kelly. We gotta go”, a girl with black hair appeared at the back door, her blonde streaks wet from a shower. Slowly, Kelly got up, stumbling through my smoky figure. Right before leaving, she swiped her hand over the gravestone, revealing the words -

Here Lies a Hero,
A Best Friend,
A Sister,
Everly Timmons


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