Manta rays of the reef

Below the glass surface of salt water there lies,
A bottom with eight colours of the rainbow,
A reef enriched with colourful fascinating life,
Coral, fish and sea mammals swim with its flow.

With lightning that seems to slither through the water from the Sun’s light,
The bottom is covered by a family of coral,
As if to be a flower garden that’s completely overgrown,
Making the reef an extraordinary sight.

Every day the reef flutters with life,
Bringing the most graceful water gliders within this beautiful sea,
These creatures are exquisite, among the very best,
In fact I love them so much, they’re like a precious jewel to me.

They glide through the water like birds of the ocean,
As they play upon one another swimming elegantly,
They travel for miles in search of a friend.
If they were to disappear how upset I would be!