Some people like to collect all kinds of things,
Just like small birds, and olden day kings,
These things can be small and they can be large,
Like rings, clothes and rock 'n' roll guitars.
But most things that people bring into their homes
Don't actually have any purpose,
They just sit all day like useless garden gnomes.
Tell me, what joy do they bring, except for a short-lived repose.
Often than not, these things just bring stress,
And make our lives more difficult than they should be.
But by getting rid of all the clutter and mess,
We can let go of what is holding us down and preventing us from being our best.
And all these things do eventually hold us down,
They stop us from a life of laughter, joy and feeling
Because all we have time for is cleaning and running around town,
To buy more things and clinging to them like a boat, to save ourselves drowning.