V12 car chase

A newly built American city:
Sometime in the near future:

The jet black Ferrari leopard shot past the speed camera on the new freeway, the F23. It clocked in at 280 kilometres per hour. The speed camera fitted, with sensors and radio technology quickly relayed the details to the Federal Police road law enforcement HQ. The Ferrari leopard was thundering along the freeway leaving a line of dazed cars in its wake. Matt Schwarzer hurried over to his brand new police issue Lamborghini dragon and jumped into the front seat and strapped on his seatbelt. As he pressed the ignition he felt the huge 6 litre V12 come to life with a deep roar. He had just received a call out to the F23. He shot out of the police garage and onto the street, the lights and siren blazing. The dragon had only just come onto the market. The Federal police road law enforcement office had ordered 10 however. As Matt slid the dragon onto the F23 smoothly at a comfortable 180 kilometres per hour he slammed his foot down on the accelerator and the dragon unleashed its fury. It quickly jumped from 180 to 230 in a mere 3 seconds. Before he knew it Matt was hurtling along the freeway at a break neck speed of 300. He looked ahead and saw in the distance a jet black Ferrari leopard. He knew instantly that it was this that had interrupted his lunch break. The Ferrari had obviously seen him because he went into a drift and spun around into the opposite lane of traffic and hurtled on the same way he had been going, now against the traffic. Matt was not going to give up that easily though, he spotted ahead of him a huge car carrier truck with nothing on the back ramp. How convenient he thought as he roared up the ramp at an angle and flew off the edge onto the other side of the road at 270. He landed smoothly, the hardened suspension taking the blow easily. He looked up and saw coming straight for him, another car. He flicked a switch on the dash, and on the underside of the car weights suddenly slid to one side, tilting the dragon onto two wheels. He shot past the car in a flash and flicked the switch back down and the car righted itself at once. He glanced down at his GPS system and saw that the Ferrari leopard had crashed and caused a serious traffic jam. Michael "leopard" Lawrence clambered out of his ruined car slowly as he saw a black and white Lamborghini dragon pull up beside him and his worst fear get out of the drivers seat. Matt pulled a set of handcuffs from his belt and stepped up to Michael and said calmly "Looks like I was always better Michael, now I guess you'll be coming with me,"


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