Baby Monkeys BIG Surprise

Meet the Monkey family, there's Baby Monkey, Mama Monkey and Dada Monkey. Baby Monkey LOVES to play with his friends, Baby Bird and Baby Elephant. Mama Monkey normally stays at home, cooks dinner, cleans the house and takes Baby Monkey to kindergarten.
Dada Monkey normally goes to work (as a farmer), goes shopping and tucks Baby Monkey into bed.
One day Baby Monkey went to kindergarten and neither Baby Bird nor Baby Elephant where there! Baby Monkey was confused but just thought "Maybe they're just late?" Later when kindergarten started and everyone was on the mat, Baby Monkey realized that Baby Bird and Baby Elephant STILL weren't there! Baby Monkey started to get worried now, he asked the teacher Mrs. Owl "Why aren't Baby Bird and Baby Elephant at kindergarten?"
Mrs. Owl turned to Baby Monkey and said "Oh! Well you'll find out in a second!" Baby Monkey was confused, what did Mrs. Owl mean?
Suddenly two doors BURST open! "BANG!" In came Baby Elephant and Baby Bird with... A CAKE!!! "Did you forget?" Mrs. Owl said, "It's your birthday!"
Baby Monkey looked at Mrs. Owl, then his two friends and said: "Woah!"
The End