Had Enough

We all sit there in silence as we normally do after Lewis has just had a tantrum we all give each other a “look” then we all glance over at him he is sitting with his arms crossed and is looking down at his plate with his jaw clenched, he stays like that for a while.
As we ease back into our conversation a thunderous gust of wind sweeps through our backyard next thing you know the umbrella is knocked over and me and mum are chasing napkins all across the yard.
Once everything was back to normal and we have all come back to our seats then Lewis storms off back into the house.
Lewis hates the outdoors all he ever wants to do is stay inside and play with his Star wars Lego whenever we have plans to go somewhere he will act all depressed to try and make us feel bad… it never works and then as soon as we get there he is having the time of his life.
I am the complete opposite I love the outdoors whenever we have plans it is my mission to get us out the door as quickly as possible.
My mum's name is Caroline she has an ongoing PHD she was supposed to finish it a year ago but having 2 kids and a husband that has just been diagnosed with MS it pretty hard to lock yourself away from the world for 10 hours a day, she works from 7 till 5 every day but usually comes back to the house about 4:30 and helps make dinner or has some time to herself.
My dad is a physiotherapist and is on long service leave, two weeks before he was going on long service leave he found it really hard to write and he found it really hard to just function on the right side of his body so he took himself into the emergency room he stayed in the hospital for a week before they diagnosed him with MS.
(MS short for Multiple sclerosis... when the nerve system attacks itself.)

As you know Lewis hates the outdoors and he had a tantrum because he wanted to have dinner inside in front of the TV.
We all look at each other again and my mum lets out a sigh and gets up to talk to Lewis but my dad stands up at the same time and they have a mini fight about who should go and talk to him then mum leaves to go and talk to him and dad is pissed off for a while and then he realise that what they are fighting about is stupid, this kind of thing happens all the time, And yes i know i have not written anything good about my life yet and that's because i am picking all the bad stuff out of my life like what 7 year old's do to a bowl of pasta. [Lewis]
By Marley Scott-wills.


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