Falling stars

I am a poor captured solider,
I was so enthusiastic at the start,
But now I wish I was home,
Deep down in my heart.

I am standing in the middle of a run down town,
I watch the dilemma and think of my home
And all of my relatives and friends,
I only wish I was free to roam.

Salty sweet tears trickle down my face,
As I think of my old life,
I wish I was never here,
I wish I was with my wife.

A huge fire roars in the street,
Smoke puffs from its centre,
The street houses are run down,
The sign on the door says DO NOT ENTER!

The Iraqi soldiers push me,
Some of them are burning an American Flag,
They throw disgusting looks at me,
Staring at my recruit tag.

I really want to go home,
It is my lifetime dream,
Just to be back were I belong,
But how far away it does seem.

By Madeleine Grant


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