October 13th 1999

A cold sweat ran down my back as I jolted awake from my bed. My heart hammering inside my chest , I repeated to myself,"I am safe, it was just a dream." Still repeating this, I removed the covers from my bed and stepped down. Wrapping my arms around my body I slowly made my way to the kitchen, in need of a glass of milk.

I wasnt surprised. Every month on the thirteenth, I sleep fitfully. It has been this way ever since I lived in this house, even when i was only a young girl. I flicked on the kitchen light and made my way to the fridge. Grabbing the milk and a clean enough glass from the sink rack, I tried to pour a glass. However, my hands shook so violently that some spilt on the counter. Sighing, I grabbed a cloth and started to wipe up the mess. And thats when I heard it.

Light footsteps echoed on the wooden floors and then a young girls giggle surrounded me, pressing in on me. My breathing hitched as a whimper escaped my throat. A cold breeze swept through the kitchen and I let out a shiver. "This isnt real, its just a dream. This isnt real, its just a dream." I repeated this over and over, trying to calm myself down, but deep down I knew this wasnt a dream, this was the terrifying reality.

The footsteps stopped. A frigid breeze blew through the kitchen, wrapping around me and ruffling my night dress. My breathing hitched as a girl giggled again. "What are you doing Edith? What are you doing in my house?" I barely had time to register that this THING knew my name when I heard footsteps again. Right behind me.

My mind went blank as a cold dread settled in my stomach and spread through my body. I whirled around, grabbing the closest thing (a spoon) and raised it in what I hoped was an intimidating position. What faced me made me drop my spoon.

A young girl no more than six grinned at me, menace dripping from her smile. Her eyes were completely black, no whites, or colour at all. She wore an 1800's style night gown, had long, brown curls and was tightly clutching a teddy bear with only one eye.

"What are you doing in my house Edith?" She repeated. I raised a trembling hand to my mouth. "This is just a dream, this is just a dream." I whispered, squeezing my eyes shut. The young girl giggled again. "A dream?! I think not!"

Keeping my eyes on the girl I bent down to pick up the spoon, gripping it in my hands. " W-what do you want with me?" I demanded, unable to keep the tremor from my voice. The girl stopped smiling. Those ink black eyes stared straight at me, as if staring at the very depths of my soul.

"This is MY home Edith. Why are you in my home? You never listened to my warnings. How I waked you up, every 13th, yet you still stay, why is that Edith?" Her voice turned darker, more feral. "Why do you stay in my house?" Then, the girl lunged. Right at my exposed face.

I screamed and turned away, holding the spoon in front of me, as if it would offer any protection. She knocked into me with the weight of a boulder. All breath was knocked from my lungs as the world tipped and I fell to the cold, hard tiles of the kitchen floor. A sharp pain spread through the back of my head as the demon child looked down on me, although she didn't resemble a child at all now. Her skin was completely rotten, random chunks hanging from her arms, legs and face. And her face, oh god.

Her jaw was bent back to impossible angles and her teeth were jagged, stained with blood and god knows what else. She smelled awful too, like garbage left out in the sun for a week. She seemed to smile down at me and whispered to me, "I'm going to tear you to shreds, just like my mummy did to me, when the time was right." Tears stremed down my cheeks, hot and salty as I screamed and screamed, praying someone would hear, and come to help. But no one came for me. And that night, October the 13th 1999, was the night I died.


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