It was a fine cold evening when the party commence . The palace at the party is as vast as a universe and as splendid as gold . The king and the queen wore priceless costumes and the prince and princess too . The poor and noble people arrived on the horses and huge cars . And the party was filled with cheer and laughter . The party occurs because the kingdom has got the 100 years of conquest that explore throughout the kingdom .

The princess of the kingdom wore a attractive gown and exquisite jewelries and a crown made of irreplaceable diamonds . Her hair was like a fur of cat . The smile she gave to the people around her was very pleasant . She was inviting the people cordially . Her looks were so prosperous .

The Princess was contented with glee as she was gathering with all the needy people . There she comes face to face with the commoner man . His clothes were ripped on a portion of his legs but he implies to be like brave , favorable mind and he was fulfilled with a huge beaming on his face . He has a keen hairs . He was nice- looking .

The party went joyfully with laughter and some mischievousness of the prince .The princess fell in love with that commoner , because of looking at his happiness even he didn't had money .

She went near to that commoner and she revealed her love with him . He said “your majesty , you are rich , I'm poor . You are grown up with silver spoon , we are not like that .I'm sorry your majesty . she was completely depressed with his response .

The princess completely lost her hope, and she ran as fast as a cheetah to the mountain cliff . She was about to suicide , because he refused her love . As she was moving her little feet out of the cliff , her man arrived knowing that she was going to self-slaughter . He stopped her from leaping from the cliff .

They both fall in love . She trusted him blindly and desired to marry him , she felt like holding his hands forever and roam in the rectangular and vast garden for their whole life .


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